First are everywhere

Life is full of firsts like this is my first blog entry.( scary) I have had a lot of firsts in the last 22 years like my first steps, my first word, my first kiss, etc. (to many to mention) But for a first time in my life I found friends that I know is like my sisters.

I am a kind of person that profiles a person on his or her first impression they made. May it be in public or private.

To be honest I don’t play well with others I don’t like. But a first for me was being asked to reevaluate my feelings and thought around a person that was dear to my friend. (I am also a people pleaser  to be quite frank) I gave this person the benefit of the doubt . A second chance and not long we were 3 girls going everywhere, doing whatever we wanted.

I have found that we have so many firsts that it passes us by, unnoticed. But to give or get a second chance to start over is rare. Because when I gave a second chance I got more then I asked for a friend that has come with me along way.


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