Reading and writing


Hey I started to rewrite a fiction/fantasy book of mine and it’s coming along quit nicely (I know NICE is not a oxford English word) But it fit’s in with what I want to say.

So when I was about 16 I started with my fictional character that was like my alter ego( still is). I created her for myself and after reading many books of super natural and fantasy worlds. I creating my own world that  was not difficult at all with my alter ego as the main character.

Weledria is a world where magic and power lives. Legend is foretold that a girl born under the power family shall gain the powerful  forces of  elements and the magic. Given the unthinkable ability that many girls dream of. Over thousands of years it was just a myth until now. Cendricka daughter of the most powerful king in the land is the first girl born in the power dynasty. She is born in a small village without her father’s knowledge of her even existing. Hiding her from the king kept the dream and legend alive until her sixteenth birthday… To survive running from him was the only option and the only way to find herself in this new persona. This is her adventure into love, life, friends and truth.

I started writing about how I felt;  it was the only way for me to express my deepest feelings even if it was horrible writing. I created characters similar to myself and people around me. Creating scenes that had happened and some of what my version is of the future with different people saying different things in it. It became my escape from reality when my feelings where at a high level. Putting my emotions on paper was like telling my best friend what is going on.

Every kid has a fantasy world where he or she is the hero or princess. Saving or being saved. Imagination is what makes us happy, scared, angry, loved, etc.

A Good book is like reading a movie. Playing in your head the words describe the scenes and your imagination creates it making it real. Making it come to life.

My Grandmother bought my first Hatty Potter book and I read it a few to many times. Characters that became part of my life as the years past reading each  book again and again. Creating Hogwarts until Warner Bros made the movies. Just like Lord of the rings and Narnia. Just to mention a few. I admire JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien. They created worlds children dream about now and seen through the magic of movies. (I am a big fan)

I want my world to be explored and imagined by many (if it is ever published) to inspire like I have been inspired by them. So back to the drawing board for me there is still a lot of unexplored places for me to find.

Leaving you with…

Albert Einstein  –  Imagination is more important than knowledge


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