No Comment

Trying hard to conjure a scene in my head for my next chapter. But without any success of even one sentence. I am frustrated with myself and this aagh Writer block (sigh). Looking at the clock it is past midnight and my page is still as empty as  it was a few hours earlier. Making my way to the kitchen for inspiration just to find an even emptier fridge. Why???

So I had this annoying thing going about in my life called “Comment”. People have a free will to tell others just what they like. Some are good and some are bad comments that reach the ears of their victims (I guess it is put a little to harsh but…).

It is more of comparison we do to others that are good or even great in what they do and in what they aren’t good at. Take for example. You are good in maths but suck in languages. Good comment is she/he is a math-wiz with a born in calculator. Bad comment would be(witch effects us more for some reason) She/he can’t even pronounce an easy word like that.

We like to judge but not to be judged. Leaving comments all over the place without even considering what effect they might have on someone else. People influence others more then they would like to know.

Girl has a crush on boy -boy finds out and ask her out – girl feels loved and important – date night turns out to be a nightmare – next day boy makes nasty comments on something about her – girl cries and has a broken hart – other boys interested in her don’t get a chance for she doesn’t trust any more. ( I know not a  really good example but it is a rather common experience now a day ).

There is no other weapon on this earth that can do the damage that a few unpleasant words can do to someone.

Comment on looks, wealth, health, color, intelligence, etc. Can scar a person for life or make them do the unthinkable –  suicide.  I know it is impossible to make someone take their own life with a comment but it could be the last push over the edge for them. We compare your self’s to so many others that we forget our own strengths and abilities. We take for granted the blessings we have. While ponder on the faults and mishaps in our life.

Negative or positive comment must be used with care. People need to think before they speak. Think before they judge. Think before the compare. THINK before making a comment that can’t be taken back.

I am not saying that bad comment is wrong. For a writer any kind of comment is better then No comment. Makes you look at the bigger picture of life or a story. Writers (so I think ) have a urge to receive a comment on a new story or concept from people they trust to make their story sound like the best thing since toasters was invented. Comment used in the right way is pro-motive to any one out there.

It helps to know your faults but more importantly it is to be reminded of your strengths and abilities.

My mum taught me that if you can’t say something good of someone don’t say anything at all…


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