Person on a mission

Personally I like to read a good novel that I must tear myself away from, on any given moment. (Not wanting to stop reading but have to). As an aspiring writer to be (hope soon) My friend got me the Fifty shades series as a gift urging me to read it and tell her my thought about it. So after a few days she calls and ask what I thought of the series. ( I forgot about it totally) I lied and said it was intriguing and well written and in a nanosecond she started to laugh at me. I was startled by this.  “You didn’t read the books” (embarrassment) ”  No I forgot was to busy with work and social drama’s.”

After the phone call and her hints and teasers I picked the first novel ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ up and start to read. O My Gosh. I was shocked and intrigued and well couldn’t put the book down. Long after midnight I was on the last page. I felt the hurt and love and sexual tension from each page.  WOW now I know why she wanted me to read this.

I have heard that it was an erotic novel but this was unexpected to say in the least. Staring down I picked up Nr2 ‘Fifty Shades darker’ Started reading, reading  till late morning with yawns escaping me time and again. My body telling me it needs it’s sleep sooner then later. With unwilling hands I close the book putting it on the coffee table dragging my body to bed. Before hitting the sack I glance once more back to the book thinking I could not write like that even if I tried.

In my sleeping state my dreams where filled with my own Christian Grey. (except mine has whiskey brown eyes.)  What wonderful dreams it was(flush)

Okay so I strained myself not to read the second book till later. Getting Coffee and going shopping. One of my best friends (that I love so much he is practically part of my family) has volunteered to go with me. I am aching to tell him of this book I read last night in to the early mornings but Mug and Bean  was to full of people to even mention the book will make unwanted ears hear better.

The mall is crowded but forgetting my fear of small spaces I venture off to the clothes shops. I am not a keen shopper but with Jan I get like a shopaholic. (Jan is Gay) so I while browsing through a few dresses and shoes(that is my weakness) I enlightened him of the book I read. It looked like shock on his face and suddenly there is a grin that tells me I have to spill the beans I turn red as a tomato.

Getting our way out of the mall He starts asking questions I might as well be a tomato at this point. I left out the details and told him an outline of the story. Instant message received: “So did you read it?” I am turning red again replying “yes.” “And?”

“‘Wow !!!”

“Thought you would say that. HAHAHAHA.”

“I think it should be age  rated R25 not just 18.”

She laughs at me once more before text-ting a “see you later’

Jan enjoys my discomfort and has a few things to add as we drive home. Hastily I put away all my shopping fixing a cold drink with some snacks. I have a mission – reading the second book for my curiosity can be satisfied with the results.

I am not really the erotic kind of reader and it scared me that these books had me hooked from the first to the last page.  I really did enjoy each one of them and that is why it is a best seller (well Sex sells more then any thing) But the story is well build with a few twists and turns making it impossible to not read on. Wanting to read on. I am on the last book and I feel I can relate to Anastasia and her struggle in live, love and happiness.

Once again I have found new knowledge to help me with my own writing. That just maybe would make my book something people would like to read. Just maybe…

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
Stephen King

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

– Dr. Seuss


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