Well if this is published

Starring at the ceiling trying hard to fall a sleep. No luck.

My mind wonders to the trilogy I had just finish reading – Fifty shades of grey, darker and freed. I was eager finishing it (due to the fact all my friends have read it.) While reading the last sentence of freed. I started thinking about this series. It was not as wow as I thought it would be or as good as some  made it to be. The story kind of repeats itself with cocking heads, biting lips, rolling eyes, inner goddess repeatedly showing up, o and of course the main reason why this book series intrigues some million of  people in the world it is full of sexual tension and scenes between Ana and Christian.

I didn’t get much else out of every chapter, if they weren’t having sex they were fighting about seems to be absolutely everything. The whole book in question is not bad at all. The concept that is used in the series is like a normal drama romance but space and time is wasted in many scenes by either the fights or the sex scenes. We don’t really get to know the characters well  enough because of this.

This is not well written of any kind, some of it seems like I am talking to a guy who can bearably speak English. Some things became predictable if she did some thing he reacted like so…(repeatedly a curd). Editing, editing, editing. The story is long and does some times not really say any thing to interest the reader. It is not the quality of the book but the quantity of it that made it America’s best seller. this proofed that if you want you can write a book to your liking just ad a few scenes of love making/sex to spice it up and then get it published.

I am not bad mouthing or trying to insult  EL James, but if I look at what I have been reading the last 10 years. This series is not good written work.
I will say this she had ink in her pen and a very good idea that made this series possible to happen. I am admitting also I did read every word and there are many things that I felt made the story stand out more. I was glad the descriptions of some things where pointed out but not every thing (or else this would be a long read)

I guess what I am stating here is that if she could publish this kind of English lit anyone can get published on what they write.


“When a new book is published, read an old one” – Samuel rogers


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