Back to reality

Hey to all I hope everyone had a fantastic festive season. For that I have had(smile)

I know that I have been neglecting my blog but with good reason. For the last couple of weeks I have traveled, moved, celebrated and enjoyed a Holiday over the festive season. (wish I could do some of it all over again. Sigh) But any way I am back to reality. It is some what more comfortable then I would like to admit. Routine, work, people. I seem to have missed it a little.

Deep down I wish that 548760_396792177065425_570958745_nit was again the start of my holiday where I was on my way to my cousins wedding (what a way to kick start a holiday) Ithala game reserve lodge. WOW what a place to be. Gorgeous place to have a wedding.

In Kwazulu-natal South Africa, I found myself in a peace of Eden. Beauty of nature and rustic architecture made it a place were you are one one with nature. (And not far from technology)

Surrounded by bush veld trees and wild animals made it more  like a Jungle book scene then a wedding venue.



Naming just some of the Wild Animals listed at this reserve – Elephant, Rhinoceros, Giraffes, diverse buck (spring buck, water buck etc.) zebra’s, baboons, monkeys, etc. 67982_10200290735693341_1407795641_n380589_10200290728893171_1366168301_n

Enough advertizing. We had such a wonderful time there that it seems like a life time ago. The wedding was all and all lovely and was a good start too. Having a wedding in one of world’s most beautiful places is amazing to witness and maybe one day, shall I be as lucky to get a nature wedding too.


I admit I am a sucker when it

comes to weddings – I just love it. (maybe I should have become a wedding planner)


So after the wedding my holiday was on track with every moment planned – doing nothing for as long as I could. Until the big move. (oohg) What a mission boxes and furniture every where you looked making me nerves . How am I going to move all that.

I must say I have some pretty awesome friends that was more then happy to help me move. (Next time I am moving with just my clothes. Into a place that is already furnished) Sipping ice cold beer under the big oak tree was a reward like no other. We were done everything was in its place. The relaxing can start again.

Just wait Tomorrow is the end of the word (LOL) we had a streetbraai to make a moment of 21 December 2012. Friends all together laughing talking and eating amazing watermelon while the men stood with braai – meat ready like just South African’s can.

Family – The one thing that I have plenty of (not complaining about it) it is great to have so much to be thankful for. Christmas is the best time to spend with family and friends.  Now it seems like a dream. Everybody has their special way of celebrating Christmas now.

New years – Time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. New years resolutions made for what would be – hope to be a kick ass 2013….

So to end my post for today I would like to say may all have a happy New year filled with Love, Joy, Happiness and peace.


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