Part 3 – exile

Part 2


We all knew that there was a reason for Keldrick going to the south. She was the reason. And a pretty good reason if I do say so myself.

“Franco, I called you here to seek my daughter or so does my dear companion declare that I have. I need to know if she is real. For I know you will find her, you are the best at what you do and that is track I have heard of your skill and talent. “

Watching the woman walk impatient from the window to her seat where she was when I entered made me wonder what was going on.

“If I may ask why does your excellence need me if the mother is here to tell of her where a bouts?”

King Keldrick took a long pose before looking straight at me.

“She has no idée where her daughter has gone and that makes you employed, for I need to find her.”

Keeping my mind on the target and not looking into the woman’s eyes I got a pretty good picture of what I may be searching for and if she had any of her mothers’ looks she would be some thing to look at, at least.

Looking back at the king I could not think what she saw in him to even let him touch her. This is not a good thing I felt my gut tell me something is wrong with this picture. She looked like a concerned mother, but not hysterical like his mother was that night he was kidnapped by his own father. Trying hard not to make the memories come back I nodded my head in agreement to something the king said.


The following week I worked on my skills alone I had to be fighting fit pushing my limits further than ever before, the magic powers are to new to even test and I have no idée where to begin. Maybe I should seek this witchdoctor and maybe just maybe he could help me train and practice my powers.

Where do I begin…?

Early mornings I did quick recaps of all the traps to reinsure they are in tack and ready for visitors and by the time I get to the hut it is almost midday. Some of the traps got me a meal or two for the week that has passed on fast. Physically fitness was at its top point and I was satisfied by the time it only took to be ready for a journey. My damn ankle didn’t last and I busted it so severe that it was unbearable to even stand on the way back to the hut. But this gave me time to read and search for clues that my mum mentioned to me before she disappeared. Knowing that Keldrick had her made shivers down my spine. The bare thought of him as my father made me sick to my stomach.

The bookshelves were crooked but stable enough to hold books I have read a thousand times over and over.

The one of Glimeit and Friadolle was an old time favourite. What a romantic but powerful story, I would love to be loved by someone like Glimeit he is a perfect hero with the perfect life. Grew up strong and in depended. Friadolle, maiden with the beauty many desired and was fancied by many men. The ending was just tragic; death was the ultimate loss payed for the life of a loved one.

Time is all I needed to get everything ready.

The few books on maps I found help to extend of how far and how long my journey might be depending on what obstacles’ I shall face. The real mystery to me was the way some of the pages was torn from some books and every now and again find the missing page in another book  or just a piece of a page.

This might be clues and answers to what I have been asking and searching for.

The next few days seemed to last forever. Finally I could move and make tracks for the traps, allot could have happened in this few days I was out of action. The swing trap was still in tacked. The rope is in place and the club in the tree. At the seventh trap I got suspicious there where tracks but it dodged al the possible ways to be caught. Just one pair of tracks was made.


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