80 Days yellow – Is it just another 50 shades?

Over the course of last year my friend gave me 50 Shades trilogy to read. I have given my own perspective about it. And like I said I don’t really read much erotic stories. It was an eye opener for me on some subjects of erotica. But now I stared a new challenge in the eye – 80 days yellow.

First the title – what is it about numbers and colors? Come on there has to be, thousands of ways to title your book without being a copy cat of ideas. Okay I should not judge, but is it not weird that both have a number and a color in the title? And that both are erotic fiction?

I know that many writers have the same titled books and others that have the same story to tell just a little different then the previous one. So the title should  not have bothered me at all. But it did could these two women that wrote the book be creative? If the title made me think 50 Shades of grey just now yellow.

But I was mistaken of the content in this book (or so I thought) – We are greeted in the first few pages by passionate, flame-haired violinist Summer Zahova. She is in a relationship with a neat freak ( a perfectionist). Next chapter we get to know a little bit about Dominik. You start to like the characters with their personalities.

When they (Summer  and Dominik) meet it is like I am reading 50 shades without the overflow of sex in the air. It felt real like I am sitting across them hearing their conversation. (my interest in the book flares) They make a deal that he would replace her violin for favors. Being a little doubtful about the rest of the book as I pass this chapter. It seems to be going at the same as 50 shades.

Then a twist Summer joins her friend in a fetish club where BDSM is practiced. She gets a trill out of it – later on in the book she returns for more. after the second visit to the club did her and Dominik’s interaction really begin. The sex is out of this world according to her. She gets to see a world different yet the same out of the sub and dom’s point of view. Being part in many kinds of sexual pleasures and scenes.

Okay So now I am reading and it strikes me how similarity of some parts are to 50 shades and other totally different. It is darker and Gross at some times but overall pretty good written book. To compare it to 50 shades is going to be a waist of space. I can say that it is not quit different to 50 shades but it has a more a realistic part that 50 shades struggled to uphold.

But some of the content kind of made me get chills, description on scenes that I could think someone could and would do such things to another person. The story has many turns and twists that could keep a reader wanting to read on, but not for the faint heartened die similarities to 50 Shades of grey is constantly popping up and was not a book I would read again.

If you like reading stories like these (Erotic Fiction) This book is for you but if not the case don’t bother to even open it.


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