Creating a game.

Over the last couple of weeks my friends and I started talking about a murder mystery game. That we saw in one or more movies or TV series. It started out as a normal conversation that lead to planning a fun night. So buying the set would be ideal but knowing that won’t cut it I decided to create my own murder mystery game.

Where to start was my problem and how to start was another thing. I researched the internet on every aspect that I could think of. Thinking I made progress just to hit a wall on what next. It is not that hard to create a game like this but the biggest problem would be to make it fun.

So where to start is the question?

I got everybody to help plan and give advise.

First how to make one the murderer.

Second making the first murder scene.

Third clues to how the first victim is connected to the second.

Creating suspects and more victims, making it fun with clues. Each person is a character with a profession like a doctor or detective even a house wife. personalities are created to make it more fun to act like a money obsessed doctor  with a drug addiction. A cheating detective with a habit to gamble. Or even a dedicated house wife with a few skeletons in the closet.

This is just the start and hopefully I will have a game to play at the end of this year.


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