Wedding rings and the best man

Running late was one of my few contributes to the wedding of the year. My sister is getting married in a few hours and I am miles away from the church. The last forty eight hours was just damn disaster from the first second I opened my eyes. Waking up to a total stranger seems like a regular occurrence in my life since my fiance decided he was in love with his P.A.

To make it better the guy snoring next to me was quite the looker. Dark hair cut short but still was long enough to run my fingers through them. Blushing cause the memory of my fingers traveling the body and that was for sure what I did every contour and curve of muscle flexed under my touch. Swallowing hard to think of that made me want to do that again. Wanting to stay I just couldn’t, I had to get home. One rule about sleeping with different men was  to never take them home. Trying to be stealth about getting up and gathering my clothes. just as my jeans slip over my butt.

Dark chocolate voice came from the sleeping Greek god. “Coffee would be amazing now babe.”Frozen by his sudden command. That made me aware of something on my finger. Raising my hand up was the end. My sisters wedding ring was on my ring finger. Glaring at me  as the sunlight caught the diamante. I felt sick even faint. What happened last night?  Why am I wearing my sisters wedding ring? The questions flew through my mind at the speed of light.

As I turn back to the man still in bed my puzzled face, with eyes going from him to the ring.

“What’s wrong babe?”

“What is this?” Pointing to my finger.

“We got hitched last night.” He said that without blinking.

“With my sister’s wedding band?!”

“You gave the rings. So I don’t know.”

running my hand over my face trying to think about the night before but there was to many gapes to fill in.

“So how about that coffee.”

“You can get that yourself.” I was irritated and confused. What have I done? I have my sister’s ring on my finger and is married to a guy I don’t even remember or know. Looking for all my things to get some indication on what happened the previous night.

His eyes followed me all over the room while I searched for my things.

“What are you looking at?” I snapped after a few minutes.

“At my wife.”

“I am not your wife”

“Well we have the marriage certificate and had the ceremony last night.”

“I don’t remember. I don’t even remember your name. So how could we be married if I can’t even remember your name.”

“Wesley,” He murmured rolling out of bed

“What?” I asked confused. What did he say?

“The name is Wesley Amherst. Ms Amherst.” He was straitening up to his full body length that made my eyes travel over his back down to his bare ass. Making its path to his strong thighs. snapping back up as he turns to look at me.

Ice blue eyes take mine hostage for a few seconds before I turned away blushing. What have I done? Where did I get this man? Where was I last night? Why did I get married?

To be continued


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