Wedding rings and best man continue


(This contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable)

He moved and my mind was snapped back to the man in front of me. He was more magnificent then any guy I have been with. Broad shoulders with strong arms,  that had hold me tight through the night till just minutes ago. Long fingers that my mind was recalling to have walked and spread over my skin and body a few times  during unprotected sex. My breath caught in my throat. Making it hard to breathe.

I could be pregnant.

He was at my side taking my hand  pushing my slightly down to sit in a chair opposite of the bed.

“What is wrong? You look like you saw a ghost.”

“I might… be pregnant”

Silence was overwhelming and something broke in me. I cried.

That seemed to be the most reasonable thing to do at that moment. Tears that he wiped away before gathering me up into his arms holding me against his heart that felt safe. I wanted to stay there to savor the moment but the thought of depending on another person now. Was not what my head wanted but my heart yearned for. I wanted to feel save like before Andrew left. I wanted to be loved like I am the one and only. I wanted to belong to someone.

Pushing slightly against his chest that made the fire in me turn up. He had his head on top of mine before I moved. now his face was inches from mine. Blue eyes searching for a signal that I am alright.

As if it was natural to take my hand up his torso from were they where  on his chest to his shoulders. Reaching for each other behind his neck. Moving closer to close the gap to his lips.

Instinctively my lips moved against his. Tip of my tongue sweeping over his mouths opening. A soft moan that came from the back of my throat startled me, giving him just the signal to deepen the kisses more. Somehow I was back on the bed with him over me the way he kissed was certainly a drug that I could not think to live without any time soon.  He hands got hold of my shirt pulling at the hem. My hands had a mind of their own traveling over him. helping him get rid of the boundaries that was still between our skins. Soon both panting from heated insides and overdrive hormones we look with wanting at each other. I wanted him deep buried inside me. Moving and taking me with him to paradise. His eyes talked the same sentence.

“Love me” was all I said before falling back on to the bed. My body his for the taking.

To be continued


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