Wedding rings and the best man part 4

Minutes later my husband came back with star bucks coffee and donuts. Chocolate chip and cream donuts they are my favourite. How did he know?

He came in for a kiss. This kiss is like a drug once I start there can be no stopping me from wanting more. I turn my face away just in time for his lips to hit my cheek. Big mistake the chills still went down giving my body a wake up call that he is near.

“So babe,” He continued like I didn’t just reject his kiss. “What’s on your mind?”

My insides are screaming ‘You!’ But my mind has other plans.

Latching out on him about my sister and the wedding in two days. Why I was here and the ring thing.

He listened to me like I wasn’t complaining about things. I stopped to look at him. Some of the cream of the doughnut was still on his upper lip. Making me bite into my lips. Tempted to kiss away the sweat cream to get to his delicious lips.

“Can you read minds?” The question just popped out.

“Why do you ask?”

“You know more about me then I would tell to anybody when I first meet them. How is it possible?”

“We just clicked that’s all. “

“It can’t be that simple. Getting my favourite donuts with my coffee just as I like it, it can’t be a clicked thing there is more.”

“You are quite the talker when you are ahead. Not that it is bad.” He added when my face was going a nice shade of red.

“Talker. I only get like that when I have vodka. Did I have any last night?” looking back to his face. The morning shadow of stubble was making him look sexier. Giving him a rough and tough look. And I married him. One thing is for sure when he walks in I loose all my good senses and wits’.

“I only recall the few drinks we had after rocking the dance floor or kind of dance floor at the pub. You were persistent with the barkeeper to let us stay for a few more but he was hard to convince.” I looked away from him to the window and somehow the lost memory gaps where returning.

“We went to that road house afterwards. With the big uhm cowboy statue, didn’t we?”

“Jip that is where you proposed and we got married in the chapel a few blocks down.”

“So why did you marry me?”

“I think that after hearing your story and you hearing mine. We just did it.”

“Your story? And what story of mine? Wait I told you about my ex and the wedding”

“Yes you did. And mine was almost the same. We have a connection but the sparks flew with the very first kiss.”

“I kind of remember some bits of last night but there are still a lot of dark parts.” I turned back to face him again. “Maybe you should tell me.”

“I might later. I am on my honeymoon baby we have a lifetime to get to the glory detail of how we met.”

“I have my sister’s wedding to added and to get this” moving my hands to and fro between us “sorted out as soon as that is done.”

“Sort out what? We are married.”

The urge to strangle him was getting huge. What did he think we would stay married?

“I wasn’t going to tell my parents. O hi mom hey dad guess what I got married two days before your precious little princess.

And to make things worse my sister is going to throw a big hissy fit. It is going to be blaming Amber game. Trying to steal her lime light. The only thing that she could be the center of attention. I had  ruined by marring some guy.”

“I shall be there to protect you babe.”

To be continued


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