Creating a new … HELP

_~_Mandy_~_Staring at a blank page is not helping and creating a new character seems to be a problem for me. Going through my list of names and surnames but that is the easy part. How to put him/her together  to make them fit is the problem. So the check list starts

Name  – √Check Surname – √Check
Look  – Maybe different hair color or eyes. Does the nose fit?
Personality – mmm still work in progress
Likes – list to short!!
Dislikes – to many have to cut maybe by half?
Growth in story – what is the problem again?


Agh I give up new characters are a head ache waiting to happen. Writing a plot is much easier then making up a new person that in a dream world has a life with in that world.
How to create a character? I want people reading this to help me create new characters for my New book skateboard on rails.

So would you help me?

If so please feel free to add after this post.



2 responses to “Creating a new … HELP

  1. I love creating characters, to the point where just making them will begin to give me a semblance of plot. I see you like to take a dossier approach to your characters. I do it backwards 🙂

    My first step is to get inspired. Often this happens when I see a portrait or artwork that screams to be given life. I check out quite often and just looking at some art can jog some creativity. It’s also okay to draw inspiration from existing characters in other media, or even real people. Take out aspects of those characters that you think are interesting. Shape it into a basic personality. Hold onto it.

    When you imagine your character, you will have trouble imagining exactly how they look like. That’s perfectly normal. Just imagine the personality; ascribe a single word to their personality. For my main character, I see him as… an idiot. Seriously. But he’s not an actual idiot. He acts like an idiot because, yes, he’s quite gullible, but also because he thinks it will make others more willing to be around him… and so on. I’m building more layers of character plus backstory as I let my imagination roam.

    Then… more layers! Think of a history. Think of the personality again – what would shape such a personality? A perfect family? A broken childhood? A mistrust? Appearance. Would my idiot character look really well kept? Ehh… probably not. Scruffy hair. Gangly looking. But nice eyes. Not particularly handsome but okay on the eyes. Has a big smile. Likes/dislikes. He’ll probably like lame jokes. Won’t like trivial things, like picking out the bones in his fish. It’s much easier to fill in your checklist by basing it on your character’s personality. So I get the personality first, then think of checklist categories. I added a section called ‘struggle’ in my checklists and brainstormed what each character’s flaw/purpose was, but it was all justified by my character’s personality and backstory.

    Finally, one last point of my brainstorm is to think about the relationship between characters. How does my main character feel about A, B and C? Why? How does this manifest in the story and affect the plot? If you think about it, the most important factor to characterisation is relationships. A story without dialogue would be boring. Dialogue happens between two people. Therefore, you should think about your character’s relationships with others, even if they are absolute strangers.

    That’s how I go about creating characters. I hope it helps somewhat. Good luck and write on!

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