Getting to it… sex talk

In a previous blog entries I have talked about the erotic book 50 shades of gray and 80 days yellow. With all that done and dusted off. I moved on. It is not that easy for people to talk openly about sex, especially for women. Reading erotic novels or stories is like an escape for women into sexual fantasies and have some of their questions answered about sex. But saying it out loud has to be the hardest thing of all to do.after fifty[3]

This contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable


So the other night I was sitting with all my friends getting an update / education on sex. Okay so I don’t have that an active (more like no) sex life at the moment but for some reason my inexperience makes them enjoy my blushing every time the subject comes around.(no pun intended)

With my friends it becomes a regular thing to talk about sex and sex and sex. It seems to find its way into the conversation easily. I am not a prune but sometimes it getting a bit to hot to handle. (Not that I am  complaining it is quite educational hearing from their experiences and disasters.)


four play

My one guy friend (Jeff) has the tendency to start with four play talk. Without sparing any detail. It can be seen without a creative mind. On how guys like it to be stroked and played with. How he has experience with how to please a girl. Some places you need just feather touching and others a little more pressure to get satisfaction result. sex-survey-2012-main

B.J. tips are so many I can’t begin to tell you what I have learned from my friends continues talk about sex. The many positions and tricks to make it frustrating and superb at the same time. Anticipating and fearing the final moment of sexual relieve. Wishing it to finish and never to stop. Both man and woman can be pleasured with oral sex and the use of some very tricky but o so good sex positions. And time and again they state that to cum together is the best feeling you get. It is like the world stops moving when the second hits on that big O.

The question gets asked every time when a sex story gets a chance to be told. Where did this happen? Or. What where you doing there? It seems that the place doesn’t really matter but the who this person was with.  But there seems to be no place on earth that someone has not yet tried to have sex being it on or in or through it has been tried before.


Not to even start with the different toys and sex goods that can steam up any relationship. Our resent topic goods were lube and what the effect is on friction, taste and outcome. Well except for the flavors and different scented ones what they do or don’t do to the hot in bed moment. So cherry flavor is just scent no real taste and cinnamon flavor is kind of burning hot during the intercourse. (Jeff’s experience with his ex wife.)

Now we are a diverse group of people each different age between 18 and 40. Being almost the youngest in the group I blush the most when the topic of sex is well away and steaming up with stories of experience and fantasies. sex-2-5-4-2013

Different people together mix of woman and men talking about fantasies and stories. That are funny, weird and makes some curious about what it will be like.

Kamasutra book was quoted and pulled out a few times to make the story more visual. Very visual if you ask me. It is like a secret weapon on how to get the best O and best way to pleasure your partner to full capability. It just a guideline but sure helps a lot when inexperience people want to  please their partner.

The book and toys are more then enough for a normal couple seeking some adventure between the sheets. But look we are single group of friends and going on with quick fling and spontaneous jump in the sack. The masturbation topic comes along quite often. Not that we dwell on it long but embarrassment and laughter just mix in with those few sentences like it belongs.


Getting to it… the best Orgasm that could leave you gasping for air, boneless and overwhelmed with satisfaction had to be the real deal. The best sex starts long before the clothes come off. Dating and learning your partners weaknesses and strengths can be a insightful look at what he/she is into or not. Pushing boundaries is fun until it pushes back. SO make sure what your partner is into before getting ahead of yourself. The date end into some wild make out session. Creating a window of opportunity for more. The clothes get shed-ed and the fun begins after tortured hour of dining and courting. During foreplay there are many nobs to turn on Heat. As things heat up, you’ll kick start down below, starting the slow buildup. (Wearing some sexy underwear also makes the heat rise.)

The sex position changes every now and again so that there could be more friction and deeper penetration. Intimate touching makes the temperature rise even more. If your touching yourself or your partner it makes the time to orgasm a lot sooner. Feels like everything is gonna go up in flames if you don’t reach that satisfactory point of release. The build up is so intense that the end seems so far but yet the release lies just ahead. Massive_orgasmWhen the Big O strikes and takes over it is a feeling of sensation and fulfillment like just a few can experience.
Every muscle and cell screams of relieve to the release of something so powerful.
Creating magic like only two people can is a fantasy we all want. A fantasy of getting the fulfillment and satisfaction after a remember able sex experience.

5 responses to “Getting to it… sex talk

  1. I am glad to see that you pay attention, we are so proud. Love you lots, two friends!!

    P.S. When is the book coming out

  2. Jeff here well done girl glad you learned from our wild conversations you made us proud and now I’m famous even if it is under an alias love ya lots

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