Let’s talk about you and me…. let’s talk about sex

let’s talk about sex


This week started as any other but after last weeks submislets-talk-about-sex - Copysion on my blog I got quite the feedback. (more then I was thinking) So it is a new month and we are half way through already. Just another six months to go. Time flies when you are having fun. So did the weekend and was that fun….

The song Let’s talk about sex from Salt’n’pepa was a big hit and well got stuck in my head for some time now after watching Pitch perfect. (Great movie)


♪Let’s talk about sex, baby♫
♪Let’s talk about you and me♫
♪Let’s talk about all the good things♫
♪And the bad things that may be♫
♪Let’s talk about sex♫

And after the whole blog post last week. It made the group kind of more informant then usual.1686148878_1358589286 - Copy

So the sit down dinner became snacks and drinks night. Friends getting together just to relax and have fun. Trying hard not to get the blog mentioned between others but hey I got friends that likes to brag about me. (Don’t know why but fact is they mentioned the blog a few times through the night. But the whole night made me think of a previous occurrence when we (more they) talked about fake orgasms. Yes Faking a orgasm. (How is it possible) I tell you how.

 The first reason for faking and sometimes the only reason is to get it over with. You either bored or the person is not good enough to take you to such heights. Being the case in most faking’s.


So taking about this Jeff gets to the point that a man knows when a girl fakes it. Like really. giving us all the signs all the same just different times. From getting a little help down there to making her muscles contract a little just for the effect of it. I mean what how bad must a guy be to fake an orgasm to get rid of him.

I guess there are a lot of them out there somewhere cause the percentage of women turning gay or taking the faking route is getting bigger.

images - Copy

Okay so it is not just women that fake men do the same and for similar reasons. From being bad sex partner to being boring in bed or even outside of it. So after that I had a lot going on in my head how do you fake something that is so extreme that people want to do it multiple times a day? Well reasons popped into my head.

1. Being turned off by the person or the scene or place.

2. Tired and want it over with

3. Not in the mood



That brought our little chat back to real thing. Being over whelming that you feel boneless, lightheaded and all to good inside all at the same time. Satisfied.

The real deal.4801358-a-red-button-with-the-word-sex-on-it - Copy


3 responses to “Let’s talk about you and me…. let’s talk about sex

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