Trust me – I have lied


Searching deep inside I know I have told my fair share of lies, be they big or small everyone have done this at some point in their life. Be it to protect someone or them selfs. Pulling on the short end of the stick is never a good thing or feeling. And telling that lie just may prevent you from being at the short end.

Lies don’t hurt you after you told them. With time lies get a way of coming out and then the price must be paid. Never have I met someone that could lie and remember what he lied about weeks even months later. Being a liar is natural to some and they could lie without even blinking. How much brain capacity do you use when you must remember every single lie and truth?

So why am I doing a piece on my blog about lies and secrets?House-No-Lies-house-md-561420_1680_1050

Answer is simple. In the last few weeks of my life there has been someone that I trusted a lot and would of defended till my dying day. A friend that has been part of my life for years now. That lied and Deceived so many others and when the truth showed up this person was nowhere to be found. People ask way others don’t trust so easily forgetting what that person has gone through in their life. The bull s#*@t going around is more than the truth.

The word has made it self a place where lies are welcome and truths are withheld. 382593045_1362280171

After we found out what this friend had done we were shocked and ashamed by it. Even tough we did nothing wrong. We started to look back to everything that happened over the last few years and the lies started to pop up all over the place. the truth made more sense now than the lies that have been told over the time period of months. We became casuist to see if she stopped and traps where set to catch this friend out and maybe just maybe get the truth out.


But as the time went the lies became more. Lied till there was no more way out. right into the corner with all the lies everywhere. This person was caught and tried to lie their way out of it only to be swallowed deeper into the black hole of lies.I know we are not one perfect and far from it. But lies don’t make life easier in fact it complicates everything.

We learned through this experience that even the person you trust the most can lie. Pinocchio


One response to “Trust me – I have lied

  1. I don’t want to be cynical, just as truthful as I can. People, you, me, every god damned person on this planet has lied a few times, even the fucking pope, even the cute little doggy at home after it tore up the side of the couch. The difference is, the dog’s loyalty is set in stone, never to be undone . . . To think is to deceive.

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