Is it so difficult to grow up?

I was reminded the other day of childhood when the only worries you had was if your best friend is coming for a visit and if there was enough chocolate chip cookies to go around.

But since then it seems to become more intense, more responsibilities and more worries. We talked about the show we use to watch on TV. What games we use to play outside. And the only new technology  gadget was a toy  that had a light or could change color or make a new sound.

mythoughtsI want to be that kid again. The world has me thinking that being an adult has more con’s then pro’s. But we all age and grow up with time having our own troubled lives (some are just more than others.)  We go from no worries to relationship worries to life worries. The biggest worries in high school was did that person notice me? Is that person the one? What would they think about me if they knew? What am I suppose to do?

Life gets harder and we grow apart from our childhood dreams. I relies-ed I have grown so much that the slightest childish thing gets me boiling inside. I feel I don’t need to cope with it and it scares me to think a few years back I was that childish one and I irritated someone to a point that I could get a hiding.


I have heard that countless times and have said it to many times to people around me.

brittI Know I should judge but sometimes it gets hard to not think something about a person. I have great friends or rather a great ” family “. We see each other daily and talk about everything. But the thing is we are total opposites and that makes us unique I guess.  And honestly I get irritated with some (not good) I am the youngest in the group and being the youngest some think I am the childish one and the one that will irritated the living hell out of my friends.(Maybe I do I don’t know).

I know I am more matured than most my age and it kind of frustrates me to interact with people that don’t get me. I am not cynical about it or them. I love my friends and will do anything for them. I just sometimes feel I am on a whole different level of thinking with some of them. They still stay my friends no matter what.

Everybody grows up different ways some have to work all their life and others get born with the silver spoon. All in all we grow up and move on to a new chapters in our life. But sometimes the transfer from child to adult doesn’t seem to happen at all for some.


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