My best friends wedding!!!

So on the 14th of September 2013 was a date we all were looking for ward to.6a00d8341bfa6953ef0147e30aef37970b-500wi

The wedding we have all been waiting for has final arrived and the thing that makes it something to see forward to and be afraid of is my friend Framay. She is not a typical bride. My friendship with her started years ago when a mutual friend of ours wanted to have a good party. And since then we haven’t looked back. I could write a book on all our little adventures and parties, but this weekend was all about her and Rene. Finally she has found her Dogtanian. (long story short it was a group thing with the three musketeers)

Like I mentioned Framay is not you typical bride. She has to be the most diverse  person I have ever met in my whole life up till now. This was no ordinary wedding I can assure you that. From when the church bells ranged to ending the night in the guest house enjoying a last drink with the married couple. it was surprise after surprise.

I really enjoyed it from the moment we landed at the reception area till in the early hours of the next day enjoying the last drink. It was interesting to see and be part of such a wedding.

In the beginning we were not that into the whole game playing at a wedding reception but as the first game past and the ice was broken we went on and enjoyed so many more games. from switch shoes to guess the bride and guess the groom it made every one more relaxed. I actually got to mingle with people that I just met. (I am not that out going quite shy)

But ending the night dancing and celebrating my best friends wedding was something I would do again.

We can do no great things;
only small things 

with great love.

~ Mother Teresa ~



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