People have different points of view

One thing in life we all can be thankful for is that we are not the same if we were this life will be one boring lifestyle.

But with the difference in  personalties, tastes and cultures we some how find things in common with each other. That is where I got the most diverse group of friends from.

Lets start with my oldest and dearest friend  – we are like opposites from what kind of food we like to the kind of music. I like country she like shard rock and roll. Not likely a pair to put together but we can talk for hours on end.

Then I have  her brother as a friend too with his boyfriend. That is totally out of my comfort zone when I am with this two. But I love them both and even if the only thing we have in common is drinking then so be it. (joking we actually have more things to talk about then me and his sister.

Not forgetting my two other friends that are like my sisters. this relationship was one for the books and might I say I saw this one coming a mile away. Two people that have been in my life for unpredictable time found love after a party that made a few people climb out of the closet.

My crazy 82 friends. both born in the same year and month separated by only 6 days – they keep me on my toes and let me tell you I am the youngest of the group but sure as hell the most responsible one. compared to these two.

My one 82 brother is also part of these weird and wacky group of friends and being almost the oldest in the group he is kind of the educator and grumpy one. He would have us all laughing and entertained at some stage of a get together.

Then there is his girlfriend/ don’t really know if it is so. She came into the group a few months ago. We have a lot in common with reading, movies and music.

That is just the start of my group of friends, close friends.

They might be weird funny grumpy or just insane, but they are friends I will never exchange.tumblr_lm579dEk9z1qzkejg


2 responses to “People have different points of view

  1. Probably not us, but LOL we too found love after a party (@ a party), and you saw that coming too… awwww Love… Life… almost 5 years later – still going strong; stronger every day!

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