Year 2013 – fast tracked

with Christmas around the corner and the new year creeping up on us slowly but surely I have come to the terms that life is passing me by to fast. just feels like February was Yesterday and now we have December in only a few days away.

Why did it past me so fast? Can’t I just turn back the clock to catch up with what has happened this year. All questions that have the same answer to them. NO. I can’t. What it made me think is that the time I have left of this year I need to be productive. But how. In a month it is Christmas and then a week later new years. What can I do to be productive in just six weeks?

That is when I relished we do this every year. We just start a year with new years resolutions to fail before February and then start again in May to be disappointment by August with no results. Thinking maybe next year. We have big expectations for the year that has started only to recap and find that the year didn’t turn out like you would have wanted it to.

So I Have made new year plans for next year. Not to expect to much and to go with the flow. No more new years resolutions that will be broken after the first month. No more planning ahead of time of things that I can do before the end of the year. I want to start the new year 2014 with a clean slate and if something happens I would be trilled and if nothing happens I will not be disappointed as many times before. No expectations just day to day stuff.

Not saying that I will abandon my goals in life but just lowering my expectations on what life is going to dish out on me next year.



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