About me.

Letting it out… I Have found a way to express my feelings and thoughts through writing and by blogging I can express more of me. I didn’t want to make a blog that was stuck on one subject all the time but to randomize it. Making it unpredictable and interesting to read. (hope I am)

I am not one to talk a lot in company of others. ( It takes time ) I am shy over-thinker that has an imagination that sometimes scares me, but I found by creating a world where I am the storyteller. I have no fear.

I was never a peoples person until lately. I have crawled out of my shell a few times in the last year or so. I am one for books lots and lots of books. Good music (diverse combination of artists and gender) Traveling  every where when I can (love to drive – little bit of a speed-aholic ) Biggest dream is to travel the world. See the places that I have only read in books of. (someday soon)

I live in a small town a farming community in South Africa. Growing up in a place where everyone knows everyone is like having a big family with lots of odd and interesting people in it. For me it is not enough I want more. I want to be more.
Some facts about me.
I am single and loving it but still have that little girl dream about her knight in shining armor.
I love animals and have two cats and a dog.
I have Ornithophobia like really bad.
I love the color blue and would like to live near the ocean.
I love getting together with friends and enjoy life.

Doing what I love – writing. Even if it is not a book – that I am sure will happen years from now.


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