Love, love…. O no

_~_Mandy_~_I know it has been a while since my last post but due to good reason

I have been busy the last couple of weeks with my best friends wedding, My sisters Matric farewell(Prom) and my mother’s surprise birthday party. So had hardly any time for myself. Now that things have settled down and I can have a few moments to recap and rethink everything.  Sometime ago my life was turned up side down by a guy that shall not have a name due to knowledge of knowing it is him I will have to change my name and move away.

But with my life on the roller coaster ride from emotions going through me I can not make the right decisions at all.

To start at the beginning is to track back years and years ago when two kids didn’t know what real love is. And growing up and seeing each other on a daily basis didn’t stir the love pot yet.

Something made that vial drop, making me want him more then I want him to be my friend.

Why is it him that makes my heart race? Couldn’t it be someone else. Okay so being the whole drama avoidance squad I tried to make it seem like everything is okay. With out any success. he picked up on my discomfort and distance seconds after I arrived to one of the normal get together. That is how well he knows me. I swear if i wasn’t so afraid of what he might think I would have opened my mouth and sealed the deal with a kiss. But being me I shut it up and tried not to attract attention to my

He still acted normal around me for long after I relies-ed I have more then friendship in mind with him. What if this is one sided? It has one through my mind countless times . To make things worse I have been in his presence a lot over the last few weeks more and more I get that I might be falling hard for a friend that I have always thought of as a brother.

Love comes in different shapes and sizes. It comes when you least expect it to happen to you. I have maid the mistake to walk away from the person I liked so much to prevent heart ache for myself. I don’t want to walk away from these feelings, I really don’t but what if this is just one sided and I loose him forever?

tumblr_md3lle9nnF1qdajj1o1_500I Only have one thing that I a scared of and the thing that scares me most is rejection.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

First attempt – part 2 continue

So I know it has been a while since my last post but honestly I have been quit busy.  I added another part of my own writing so feel free to reed the first Prologue  and part 1



The old hut my grandpa took me to every weekend for fighting training was the only place I
could think of to hide myself for now. Before grandpa’s death he told me of the witchdoctor that made
a magic barrier between the two valleys and that no one could enter except us. That if you have never
been here, you would never find it. How long this spell will last is utterly unpredictable so I am taking
my chances with this. The road was just as I remembered all the way up to the hut. Boo-bee traps that
my grandpa taught me to look for and to make.

How I miss him so.

The first weekend up here came back like it was only yesterday.

“Cendricka, are you listening to what I have told you girl.”

“Yes, Grandpa. We have to get through the woods only on the west side. The road is off limits to take
because of the many boo-bee traps. The traps are for people to stay away. But Grandpa won’t people
be more interested in coming up to the hut because of the boo-pee traps?”

“That is why we made them like hunters traps.”

I was confused but after much explaining my grandpa finally got through my thick scull. He taught
me how to make these traps.

“You must learn this at heart Cendricka. These will give you time even though you feel in ‘n tight

The art of rope tying and trap covering was lessons hard learned. If you don’t pay attention, you might
as well fall into your own traps. Bruises and lots of pain later I could identify all the traps made and
where it would not be forth coming to see or look for.

Fighting skills made me fast, flexible and more. Years of training of agonizing pain paid off. The way
moving ones whole body determent the strength of power you placed in your fight from you kicks to
your punches every move must flow and be like one movement.

Time was what I was working for and these pass of traps is not going to be easy, known trade secret
is the sign or mark that indicates where the traps are. It’s been months since I was last here. And the
thought crossed my mind ‘what if I stepped on my own boo-bee trap.’

Damp smells came to my nose as I opened up the door. Reminding me of how long ago I have been
here last. But getting to the hut was not an easy task like I predicted. The one trap after the other I just
made sure I didn’t get caught and where they were placed. Some needed adjusting but I had not had
the time to linger. The few candles left will hold for a few nights if used wisely. And if I could scout
back to the village maybe there would be some things I could use for my stay here.

I could still hear the screams in my sleep. I tried to get some shut eye but was awaken by a face I
think could be my fathers’. I was terrified of what I saw every time I tried to dose off. Grandpa did
tell me some of the royal can seek their offspring through the encounter of their magic being born
and afterwards to check up on them till they reach full age of twenty-one that is still five years to go
for me so I must not sleep just relax and be aware, maybe he can’t get to me by avoiding this special

hours of sleep. Maybe it is the only way to stay as far as possible for as long as possible. Maybe…

The cold air outside made my body shiver, but keeping in mind that I am on the run, adrenalin made
me forget about everything.


Taking careful stepping up towards the path with the overgrowth of grass and trees I seem to feel
as if there is something wrong with this picture. My gut was never wrong about these things. My
mind wondered to just few days ago when I traveled from the kingdom to seek the princess for king
Keldrick. Her mother was a sight to see beauty like no other could compare. The green eyes looked
into your soul and the rosy lips where inviting. Her skin like river rocks smooth and tanned. Blond
hair so long and thick it made a waterfall over her shoulders and back.


We are the hero of our own story.
Mary McCarthy

First attempt – rewrite

So just a preview on my first try of rewriting I am looking forward for any kind of suggestions and criticism. So please feel free to do so.

Element of life – born in exile


Were to begin? I would tell you some things don’t really make sense in any line said or even in the words of a tale.My story begins long before I was even born.

The lives of many people were sacrificed to keep me from him. Keldrick Hinderstone, King of Gremeria. The ruler or king whatever you want to call him, he ruled in all the northern parts of Weilenderian. My mother was the daughter of the Southern coast tribe’s chief. Grandpa was like a ruler of some sort in this part of Weienderian. Just a normal poor one like the royals would say but a beautiful girl none the less. Not much of a Queen or Queen Material would you get out of her, my mother, she is a free spirit a wild flower not wanting to be picked and placed in a vase for all to see.

But Keldrick fancied my Mother; all the men did, come to think about it. She was a beauty like no one has ever seen. My Grandpa’s pride and joy like a trophy shown to all. Maybe I just got my father’s looks.

Anyway. So I was born through the amassment of a royal and poor blood and Keldrick didn’t know of my existence till I turned sixteen, when my power became one with me. The legend for told many years ago that a daughter will be born in royal blood lines, and would be  weak, but grow strong. I don’t really know why but I had to fight battles with all the kids in the tribe just to be noticed. That made me strong but I was never a weakling to begin with.

In a thousand years that have past, there was never a girl born until me. What a shame isn’t it but it is true, life gives you quit a ride and time to think, for being the only girl ready to rule and obtain my right to be royal ruler but I have never set foot in the castle or anywhere near it.

O before we get to a head of this story. Perhaps this would make things clearer:

Royalty blood extends to men only. To make it more clear. Women were born and raised in poor blood lines. Like only poor blood line men could make girl and boy babies. While royal blood line men could only make boy babies with the women of poor blood line. Men that got born through royal blood got the wonderful powers at the age of sixteen. That is what Grandpa told me through stories of hero’s in time.

I am the exception, the legend that many have heard in bed time stories. I am Cendricka Trange, how ironic that I got part of my father’s name. My mom was kind of a romantic, in a strange way.

The power source in me was unleased on the night of my ohm… accident. If I can call it that…

Well a girl has got needs, you know I liked the boy flirted and got him to give me something I wanted; that on my birthday. Would I do it again? Yes I would, but not with him, never again. What a disaster it turned out to be and from that moment on my life was turned upside down.

I have been in hiding since that day.

My mother was dragged back to the kingdom the very moment it was discovered I existed. The search for me started and I knew that time was all I needed to get away. My Grandpa was a wise old man that prepared me for the day I was to take over, but at a cost of social life. My healthy appetite for history and the wonderful world around us, made us closer.  I was smart ass and boys where scared by me. I was not much to look at till the age of thirteen. Like Chan said: What an ugly duckling. Well eat your words mister, the swan is landing.

But back to the history lesson of the legend that I am becoming  very soon. The girl that would be born out of royal blood line would be the new era of Weienderian. Meaning like Grandpa said, the end of the struggle. I didn’t know what that meant. What struggle will come to an end? Who was struggling?

He would laugh at my questions, answering just with “Cendricka, too many have fallen in hope of the legend and others just to keep you safe. I am not a fool like all do tell, but this I teach  you to use in all your wonderful power that one day when you shall be so strong and no one can take you down.”

Wisely I took advantage of the times we shared, every drop of information soaked in and thankful for every word…

His? last words were to me of a place I would be kept safe. But I need to get there, and I would need help of many to be kept safe till I am strong and practiced.

However I tried he made sure I got my physical strength maxed and I was not complaining. Even though I missed out on activities and stuff the other kids did, I got to spend precious time with grandpa Randol.

The Journey would be quite a way to go. From the far path south of Galome east of Thera is a well-known friar Benjamin. He could help me gain strength for Hendersoin. The place where all will be revealed. Don’t get me wrong, my grandpa did not really tell me all.

Information on how to survive and how to be smart, that was what he taught me the best. That is what I do the best. Okay, I am not the only child in this village that got battle training and strategy training. It’s like a pass to become one with the village and defend you and your loved ones. And conquer the enemy at any cost.


“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”