It has been quite the adventure up to now for me and I know I have been kind of to busy to post any blogs. But I might have found a new way of communicating faster.


Yes I know some people like to read what is really going on than hearing someone talk and talk and talk a lot of bull. So I made the indication as follows that I might give you a little of reading and a little of video.

Or I might not even try it. (depends on how I feel when I do the recap.) But to get back to the hole video thing and what gave me the idea that this might work is I have been browsing Youtube for years now and everybody has either a make up tutorial or how to do things, even book critics.

So it had me thinking. What made them do it??? is it cause someone told them that they can give great advice or is it self thought? Well guess 90% would be cause people  have made them feel that they have made a difference in others lives.

A difference that I have seen in my life was also due to some people out there making people’s lives easier with their vlogs. I mean I use to spend hours doing things and only to find that I could have saved time by thinking.

I am using a daily minor thing that teenager girls struggle with when doing their hair and trying to pin the hair up with a bobby pin – hassle is that it doesn’t want to stay there even after putting another one there.

You lose a few along the way making hair style disasters happen frequently. I got saved by live hassles hair and make up to only face-palm myself for not thinking of that.


Easy hell yes I have no hassles with bobby pins falling out or not even keeping up the hair.

this is just one of many that people around the world have made to help others in their struggles.

Everybody is like lets make a video and it would be so cool if we could help someone but it ain’t working. People say stupid things and do more stupid thing.

I know that I like to listen to people and help them with emotional and logical. Almost like a therapist but not qualified to subscribe you some medication (smile).

I like to hear about peoples problems and try to give them advice or support when they need it.

So I am sort of giving myself the opportunity to tell you guys that I am willing to listen if you are willing to talk.

If you want to talk give me a comment or leave a message.

I just might use my vlog NEXT TIME.