First attempt – continue

If you have not yet read the prologue please do Prologue

Chapter 1

I got away by a stroke of luck – the Guards were there in a flash. Why, I should know by now. Magic.  Keldrick send out a spell of movement to transport objects, in this case people, to where he has been before.

And he was here before – the small village of people were gathered to the assembly in the middle of our village big open space with four ground roads that met in the middle. In the small hole behind shelve down in the basement of the hut. I crawled into pressing my body hard against the wall. This was one of my grandpa’s ideas; he thought of in his crazy life time was just handy. Made the perfect hiding spot for my petite figure, as if it was made just for me and maybe it was. Yes, I am the only girl with a small frame. That is what made me stand out between all the other kids. They were strong and big like fighters, build to defend all and defeat the enemy. I was kind of the runt of the litter so to speak.

Never got why I was different till grandpa told me the truth about my birth and the secret kept so I would survive.

Okay, back to me and the wait in the hole. That was agonizing. I could hear people shout and scream. Whips slashed something or someone. These people protected my secret and died as the legend foretold years before my birth.

Tears rolled down my face leaving only trails on my dusty cheeks. I saw death and despair and it made me scared for what I must face sooner than I thought.

I wished it will all stop and that I was at home with grandpa and mum. The screams tore through me every time, followed by orders the superior shouted. I squeezed even tighter into the hole fearing they would see me or find me if I am not able to shrink myself smaller.

The sound faded and came back time and time again. I heard mothers plead and children crying. The ground trembled and made everything fall around me. Doors were opened and slammed shut all over and things where thrown to the ground, breaking in to pieces.

It felt like ages passed, when finally, there was just silence. It was so quiet I could hear my heart beating. The little village seemed at peace, a sleep or deserted in this case. Waiting a little longer for the silence to take place I finally crept out of the hole to seek life.

Dead bodies all in a pile and the smell of death came to me. My stomach turned with disgust at the smell of burning flesh. My feet become heavy, not wanting to move. The scene that my eyes took in was like a bad nightmare that had a fearful ending. Wake up is all my mind could think of. Wake up, it is only a dream.

The wind blew the stench past me, making it more real than any dream could. Goosebumps were all over me in seconds. In the past I have only heard of massacres. Tonight I see it.

My brain told me to get moving, for there could be more guards lurking just to make sure the grounds are all covered and that I was not part of the slaughter. My feet still didn’t want to make any movement till my ears heard voices.

Guards. o shit.

Move. My brain took charge of my body and it was like gas on fire.

My mind went to just hours before when Chan and I was alone in the woods when I gave him myself. He could have been gentler but who was I kidding? Men were hard and ruthless when it came to any part of their lives, especially to the sex part. It was like their release in life, like their sanctuary. The roughness still imprinted in my mind was like a horrible reminder of what not to do when having sex… He didn’t even try to be romantic like in the stories I have read. The hero saves his girl and takes her to bed quite romantically. With anticipation the girl gets bedded by a sweet, soft and masculine hero.  I could kick his ass for not trying harder after all I told him how I dreamed it would be like a thousand times. Men – can’t even trust them with a small task like that. Pain I felt until something happened…

Chan didn’t know what hit him when my powers were born. It was like a force that pushed him away. It pushed him so hard he flew through the air, landing on his back and moaning of the pain coming seconds after that. I was more shocked than anything else. A delightful feeling had filled my body from the tips of my toes and fingertips and the sensation began running up to my head. It felt like someone tracing soft feathers over your body over and over. The tinkling stopped making a weird feeling creep up my spine, the next moment Chan was running for the village leaving me alone in all my nakedness. I still don’t know how Chan got away so fast with all his clothes on.

Trying hard to get myself in order I walked as fast as possible to the village to get home and over the humiliation of the act that happen in the woods. I needed food and lots of it.

Well the next few moment past in a blur when mum shuffled me towards the hole that Grandpa made.

“Go, Cendricka, go hide don’t come out before everything is over. Then run fast as you can to the hut. Your other questions will be answered there.”

Only with a quick hug and “I love you”, my mum was gone.

The pain that went through me with every scream and cry came back, making me move faster to the hut. New tears made their way down my cheeks with every memory of what just happened a few minutes ago.

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”
Madeleine L’Engle




Mr Right or Mr Right Now

♫”Just give me a reason
Just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again
It’s in the stars
It’s been written in the scars on our hearts
We’re not broken just bent
And we can learn to love again” ♫

Listening to P!nks song on her new album I found myself going through old boxes of “stuff” (my English teacher would say that there is no such word as ‘Stuff’ in the oxford dictionary.) Well this stuff made my mind wonder to the last few years and each item has a story to tell. A teddy bear, photo’s, pictures, letters, etc. Then I found it – my old diary. Quickly paging through it to see if it had any important items lodge into it and near the end I found a drawing with hearts and love words written everywhere on the page. I declared on this piece of paper my love to a High school crush. (butterflies and red cheeks) O my gosh, I was head over heals for this guy.

I started to laugh at myself remembering what a nervous wreck I was in his presence. Always eager to learn something new from or about him . Hurt if he didn’t notice a change in me. (I think he did know I liked him a lot.) But as I got older the teenager crushes became a thing of the past (still had a crush or two but not as big as my first) Dating guys that I in secret compared to my first ‘love'(crush).

Single – a word that some people fear as a relationship status and is what all at some point want to be.(give or take the relationship their in) Finding that I was searching for Mr Right and always thinking I have found him. Just to be disappointed to find that I got my self Mr right now. Looking at my past relationships with the opposite sex I could see why I had short lived relationships in the last 10 years. He who I shall not name was my Mr Right or so I thought at that time. I had compared my relationships with guys to him. (sigh)

Well to be frank some girls(if not all girls/women and boy/men) have a list of what they want in a partner or relationship. Some women denying it by stating they just want true love with… (but here it comes)  a man that will be with her. (first requirement or first on the list) then comes the looks department. The list may it be short or long we all have are pro’s and con’s of what we like and don’t like. We go and find our list relationship (Mr right – according to what we want and not what really need) ending up with Mr right now. Happy at the start then comes the differences, the fights, the heart ache to finally end in a breakup. We settle most of the time for Mr right now thinking he is Mr right. Dreading the single status as we get older making Mr right now a Mr right.

I thought that finding the right guy  was according to my specifications but I hit the ground hard with that assumption. The last few guys I dated was to my liking because they fitted into my list to just be rudely awaken weeks later that it was not meant to be for me and him.

I have been single for sometime now. You could say I am happy at times but not always. (It does get kind of lonely sometimes) but I decided that I am waiting upon Mr Right and not going to settle for Mr right now.

Always choose happiness. never settle  – unknown