May Madness

Reaching the end of a tiring yet fun month for me. I got to look back on what was going on. From meeting new friends to parting with old friends And from parties to serious conversations. My life would be dull if I didn’t have a diverse group of friends.

The madness started with my birthday only to continue through the month to end with a simple joke and teasing. With winter starting in South Africa it is kind of a bad time to have a big Braai (like only SA can). Stressed that my party was dull I entertained young and old with anything. ( I could become a perfect hostess, maybe) As the night progressed and the booze it turned out to be unforgettable ( Just say that sometimes what happens stays there where it happened) Reaching the epic end. BLlY4lsCEAAPK1g

(Decor – country or somewhat)

Days after that my Friend’s son had his birthday. I shall never look at Spongebob the same. Her son wanted a Spongebob cake. How were we going to pull this one of. My best friend is an expert with food and had an idea. And my sister is kind of a artist even with cake. So the coffee and icing night started. Every one had their own idea. Th cutting started and time seemed to fly before the icing was colored to be smoothly applied with a finish of yellow icing being ruffly added to give it a sponge look. Lot of concentration and past midnight creative working Spongebob to look almost real (her son was ecstatic about it the next morning)  BLRfD63CUAEo1kq(Spongbob cake after 6 Hours)

So the parties rocked and the food was delicious. The smiles were traded for tears because of my dear friend Nadia’s mother  was leaving to go work as bank manager in a new town. Her mother is like my second. Saying our goodbyes over coffee and cake. (again) We coffee-chocoholics and we enjoy each and every moment. The tears are gone now and laughter filled the air Henning was again on is best. with jokes and statements. Embarrassing moments being mentioned to lift our spirits in laughter. Saying goodbye is hard and the night ended with a drink and memories.


Time flies faster then we anticipated and with daily drama giving us something to think about or talk about. It just made some nights – when we get together – end in deep and serious conversations. We are a diverse group with diverse insight on topics. Some are way ahead in experience and other are more intellectually ahead (Most of the time)tumblr_m93568GsT91rp6xcfo1_400

Last night me and a few friends were facing the cold weather outside with warm mugs of coffee and excellent company. We ended the night laughing at some statement a friend made over the phone. Teasing and joking seems to be something we like to do to our friends. (they are real good friends – not getting mad if we act like last night.)

So we reached the end of a wonderful surprising month of drama and fun. Madness. But this night is still on it’s way and we are having a big friends Braai just to celebrate what we have.


Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Marilyn Monroe