Happy – Well I am I think

HEYYYYYY!!!! I know it has been a while since my last post but I have been extremely busy. Really busy that if I got home at a decent hour I pass out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

So I have good news and I have good news. So the good news is that I am on the verge to write the end of my first book still ten thousand words but the end is near. It is the first book that I will have written and finished. Just so you know I have put half of it on wattpad.POP STAR PRINCESS, go check it out and feel free to comment.

Then I am one of the co-writers of IN TOO DEEP. And I am loving it please go read and vote. So that is the good news.


I know not that exiting but sure a big turn in my life. Just wanted to share my happiness with all.


Snow angels don’t come out perfect – short story continue


The flight went on better than I would imagine. With no other disasters to fill my all ready long list we landed in France (city name). The short ride to the cabin was over flown with plan making from the parents. Making it clear that we could do what we want but had to be present for dinner every night. I was not much into the idée of sharing my day to day doings but to keep the mood happy I agreed to the many rules. Quietly making my own mental list of rules as the excitement in the SUV build amongst the parents.ec099442b430c6bc2b9153595eec396b

  1. Try not to make a fool of myself
  2. Be cool and collected
  3. Get a romantic affair going with a guy
  4. Get Al out of my head
  5. Lock bathroom door when occupied in it.
  6. Get as much time on the snow

Feeling more in control with myself and what laid before me in the next three weeks I got excited for the first time on this trip. Not letting myself waist the time I get to do something I love the most. Snowboarding.  Dad taught me everything I could possible be able to know and on that board I am not weird Amy or clumsy Amy. I am extreme Amy.

“I can’t believe we are finally here. Now to get things going, Amelia” The use of my full name was my dad’s way to warn me. “I would like to talk to you after you unpacked.” “Yes Dad.” I walked down the hallway to my room. Feeling a little jet lagged was not stopping me to get dressed more warmly for my first snow date. I wanted badly to get out there and feel freedom.

“Amelia, I know you are not at all happy with this vacation but please try to make it enjoyable. And knowing you well I am not going to preach about it long. But before you go and make fools of the other boarders. Please be save and I love you. Okay.”

“I love you too Dad. Thank you I will try to do so.”

Almost racing for the door to get my freedom I craved for just to be stopped. Celia (Allen’s mom) wanted help with some groceries that the keeper of the house bought. ‘Argh. Why’ Reluctant I went to help. Freedom was only inches away. Before she could think to give me more work I was out the door yelling over my shoulder “I shall be back for dinner.” images

Snow angels don’t come out perfect – short story

Chapter 1

‘I am Normal’ repeating the words in my head over and over.

“Who am I trying to kid.” saying it out load made it a reality. I am weird. After over hearing  Allen “Al” MaCoy, my crush, making that statement “She is weird.” to his friends. It stuck in my head. He didn’t think much of me now and being cooped up for three weeks in France at Les Ménuires Ski  resort. He might just think the worst of me. Just cause my father and his mother was taking us on a family vacation. That was the only reason he would have contact with me.

Al’s mom is great and makes my dad very happy so far I could see. Cause I am living with my mom most of the time, and get to go with dad on vacations and some weekends. That was always fun until a year ago when Al became my stepbrother, that I have a crush on. To be fair I have had feelings for him long before he was kinda related to me. We are both in collage away from home. Not helping to be the same one but if I do get to see him it was because of something he had to give me from the parents.  newgirl

My vacation started with a horrid episode. Al saw me naked! O my gosh (OMG) He just walked into the bathroom when my knickers hit the floor. I was in shock and yelled a delayed scream that made him smile and walk out before my dad was up stairs. Mortified and feeling self conscious on what happened that morning i tried hiding behind big sun glasses.

To make maters worse for me – we were sitting next to each other for at least  seven hours flight to France .  Trying hard to not think of him, trying harder not to make a fool of myself again. I made an attempt to  snuggled deeper into my seat, retrieving my iPod from my hoodies pocket and putting up the volume as the pilot announces our departure.

Some few moments later I felt like someone is staring at me and knew it was Al. When I looked up to meet his stare I felt the butterflies go rapid in my gut as he smiled at me. Surely remembering that he saw me butt naked and screaming. He found it amusing. Some how he removed my earphones and started talking. It was like this morning didn’t happen as he just kept talking more about the slopes and tricks. I jerked back against my seat. It was the only way that I could stop myself. I wanted to run my fingers across his strong jaw to his straight dark hair hanging just a little over his ears. I am weird. He looked at me puzzled.

” Are you okay?” he asked with another smirk on his face.” Ya sure just…it is nothing.” My father must of seen it an his concern stare came from across the path that separated us from them. “You sure honey.” Feeling lot more weirder I just sink down in my seat wishing the flight was over. “Yes Dad I am fine just a little tired.” Hoping this statement would save me from dad and Al. But Al kept looking at me with some face, I could have said would be “you’re Weird”

to be continued

Part 3 – exile

Part 2


We all knew that there was a reason for Keldrick going to the south. She was the reason. And a pretty good reason if I do say so myself.

“Franco, I called you here to seek my daughter or so does my dear companion declare that I have. I need to know if she is real. For I know you will find her, you are the best at what you do and that is track I have heard of your skill and talent. “

Watching the woman walk impatient from the window to her seat where she was when I entered made me wonder what was going on.

“If I may ask why does your excellence need me if the mother is here to tell of her where a bouts?”

King Keldrick took a long pose before looking straight at me.

“She has no idée where her daughter has gone and that makes you employed, for I need to find her.”

Keeping my mind on the target and not looking into the woman’s eyes I got a pretty good picture of what I may be searching for and if she had any of her mothers’ looks she would be some thing to look at, at least.

Looking back at the king I could not think what she saw in him to even let him touch her. This is not a good thing I felt my gut tell me something is wrong with this picture. She looked like a concerned mother, but not hysterical like his mother was that night he was kidnapped by his own father. Trying hard not to make the memories come back I nodded my head in agreement to something the king said.


The following week I worked on my skills alone I had to be fighting fit pushing my limits further than ever before, the magic powers are to new to even test and I have no idée where to begin. Maybe I should seek this witchdoctor and maybe just maybe he could help me train and practice my powers.

Where do I begin…?

Early mornings I did quick recaps of all the traps to reinsure they are in tack and ready for visitors and by the time I get to the hut it is almost midday. Some of the traps got me a meal or two for the week that has passed on fast. Physically fitness was at its top point and I was satisfied by the time it only took to be ready for a journey. My damn ankle didn’t last and I busted it so severe that it was unbearable to even stand on the way back to the hut. But this gave me time to read and search for clues that my mum mentioned to me before she disappeared. Knowing that Keldrick had her made shivers down my spine. The bare thought of him as my father made me sick to my stomach.

The bookshelves were crooked but stable enough to hold books I have read a thousand times over and over.

The one of Glimeit and Friadolle was an old time favourite. What a romantic but powerful story, I would love to be loved by someone like Glimeit he is a perfect hero with the perfect life. Grew up strong and in depended. Friadolle, maiden with the beauty many desired and was fancied by many men. The ending was just tragic; death was the ultimate loss payed for the life of a loved one.

Time is all I needed to get everything ready.

The few books on maps I found help to extend of how far and how long my journey might be depending on what obstacles’ I shall face. The real mystery to me was the way some of the pages was torn from some books and every now and again find the missing page in another book  or just a piece of a page.

This might be clues and answers to what I have been asking and searching for.

The next few days seemed to last forever. Finally I could move and make tracks for the traps, allot could have happened in this few days I was out of action. The swing trap was still in tacked. The rope is in place and the club in the tree. At the seventh trap I got suspicious there where tracks but it dodged al the possible ways to be caught. Just one pair of tracks was made.

First attempt – part 2 continue

So I know it has been a while since my last post but honestly I have been quit busy.  I added another part of my own writing so feel free to reed the first Prologue  and part 1



The old hut my grandpa took me to every weekend for fighting training was the only place I
could think of to hide myself for now. Before grandpa’s death he told me of the witchdoctor that made
a magic barrier between the two valleys and that no one could enter except us. That if you have never
been here, you would never find it. How long this spell will last is utterly unpredictable so I am taking
my chances with this. The road was just as I remembered all the way up to the hut. Boo-bee traps that
my grandpa taught me to look for and to make.

How I miss him so.

The first weekend up here came back like it was only yesterday.

“Cendricka, are you listening to what I have told you girl.”

“Yes, Grandpa. We have to get through the woods only on the west side. The road is off limits to take
because of the many boo-bee traps. The traps are for people to stay away. But Grandpa won’t people
be more interested in coming up to the hut because of the boo-pee traps?”

“That is why we made them like hunters traps.”

I was confused but after much explaining my grandpa finally got through my thick scull. He taught
me how to make these traps.

“You must learn this at heart Cendricka. These will give you time even though you feel in ‘n tight

The art of rope tying and trap covering was lessons hard learned. If you don’t pay attention, you might
as well fall into your own traps. Bruises and lots of pain later I could identify all the traps made and
where it would not be forth coming to see or look for.

Fighting skills made me fast, flexible and more. Years of training of agonizing pain paid off. The way
moving ones whole body determent the strength of power you placed in your fight from you kicks to
your punches every move must flow and be like one movement.

Time was what I was working for and these pass of traps is not going to be easy, known trade secret
is the sign or mark that indicates where the traps are. It’s been months since I was last here. And the
thought crossed my mind ‘what if I stepped on my own boo-bee trap.’

Damp smells came to my nose as I opened up the door. Reminding me of how long ago I have been
here last. But getting to the hut was not an easy task like I predicted. The one trap after the other I just
made sure I didn’t get caught and where they were placed. Some needed adjusting but I had not had
the time to linger. The few candles left will hold for a few nights if used wisely. And if I could scout
back to the village maybe there would be some things I could use for my stay here.

I could still hear the screams in my sleep. I tried to get some shut eye but was awaken by a face I
think could be my fathers’. I was terrified of what I saw every time I tried to dose off. Grandpa did
tell me some of the royal can seek their offspring through the encounter of their magic being born
and afterwards to check up on them till they reach full age of twenty-one that is still five years to go
for me so I must not sleep just relax and be aware, maybe he can’t get to me by avoiding this special

hours of sleep. Maybe it is the only way to stay as far as possible for as long as possible. Maybe…

The cold air outside made my body shiver, but keeping in mind that I am on the run, adrenalin made
me forget about everything.


Taking careful stepping up towards the path with the overgrowth of grass and trees I seem to feel
as if there is something wrong with this picture. My gut was never wrong about these things. My
mind wondered to just few days ago when I traveled from the kingdom to seek the princess for king
Keldrick. Her mother was a sight to see beauty like no other could compare. The green eyes looked
into your soul and the rosy lips where inviting. Her skin like river rocks smooth and tanned. Blond
hair so long and thick it made a waterfall over her shoulders and back.


We are the hero of our own story.
Mary McCarthy

First attempt – continue

If you have not yet read the prologue please do Prologue

Chapter 1

I got away by a stroke of luck – the Guards were there in a flash. Why, I should know by now. Magic.  Keldrick send out a spell of movement to transport objects, in this case people, to where he has been before.

And he was here before – the small village of people were gathered to the assembly in the middle of our village big open space with four ground roads that met in the middle. In the small hole behind shelve down in the basement of the hut. I crawled into pressing my body hard against the wall. This was one of my grandpa’s ideas; he thought of in his crazy life time was just handy. Made the perfect hiding spot for my petite figure, as if it was made just for me and maybe it was. Yes, I am the only girl with a small frame. That is what made me stand out between all the other kids. They were strong and big like fighters, build to defend all and defeat the enemy. I was kind of the runt of the litter so to speak.

Never got why I was different till grandpa told me the truth about my birth and the secret kept so I would survive.

Okay, back to me and the wait in the hole. That was agonizing. I could hear people shout and scream. Whips slashed something or someone. These people protected my secret and died as the legend foretold years before my birth.

Tears rolled down my face leaving only trails on my dusty cheeks. I saw death and despair and it made me scared for what I must face sooner than I thought.

I wished it will all stop and that I was at home with grandpa and mum. The screams tore through me every time, followed by orders the superior shouted. I squeezed even tighter into the hole fearing they would see me or find me if I am not able to shrink myself smaller.

The sound faded and came back time and time again. I heard mothers plead and children crying. The ground trembled and made everything fall around me. Doors were opened and slammed shut all over and things where thrown to the ground, breaking in to pieces.

It felt like ages passed, when finally, there was just silence. It was so quiet I could hear my heart beating. The little village seemed at peace, a sleep or deserted in this case. Waiting a little longer for the silence to take place I finally crept out of the hole to seek life.

Dead bodies all in a pile and the smell of death came to me. My stomach turned with disgust at the smell of burning flesh. My feet become heavy, not wanting to move. The scene that my eyes took in was like a bad nightmare that had a fearful ending. Wake up is all my mind could think of. Wake up, it is only a dream.

The wind blew the stench past me, making it more real than any dream could. Goosebumps were all over me in seconds. In the past I have only heard of massacres. Tonight I see it.

My brain told me to get moving, for there could be more guards lurking just to make sure the grounds are all covered and that I was not part of the slaughter. My feet still didn’t want to make any movement till my ears heard voices.

Guards. o shit.

Move. My brain took charge of my body and it was like gas on fire.

My mind went to just hours before when Chan and I was alone in the woods when I gave him myself. He could have been gentler but who was I kidding? Men were hard and ruthless when it came to any part of their lives, especially to the sex part. It was like their release in life, like their sanctuary. The roughness still imprinted in my mind was like a horrible reminder of what not to do when having sex… He didn’t even try to be romantic like in the stories I have read. The hero saves his girl and takes her to bed quite romantically. With anticipation the girl gets bedded by a sweet, soft and masculine hero.  I could kick his ass for not trying harder after all I told him how I dreamed it would be like a thousand times. Men – can’t even trust them with a small task like that. Pain I felt until something happened…

Chan didn’t know what hit him when my powers were born. It was like a force that pushed him away. It pushed him so hard he flew through the air, landing on his back and moaning of the pain coming seconds after that. I was more shocked than anything else. A delightful feeling had filled my body from the tips of my toes and fingertips and the sensation began running up to my head. It felt like someone tracing soft feathers over your body over and over. The tinkling stopped making a weird feeling creep up my spine, the next moment Chan was running for the village leaving me alone in all my nakedness. I still don’t know how Chan got away so fast with all his clothes on.

Trying hard to get myself in order I walked as fast as possible to the village to get home and over the humiliation of the act that happen in the woods. I needed food and lots of it.

Well the next few moment past in a blur when mum shuffled me towards the hole that Grandpa made.

“Go, Cendricka, go hide don’t come out before everything is over. Then run fast as you can to the hut. Your other questions will be answered there.”

Only with a quick hug and “I love you”, my mum was gone.

The pain that went through me with every scream and cry came back, making me move faster to the hut. New tears made their way down my cheeks with every memory of what just happened a few minutes ago.

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”
Madeleine L’Engle



First attempt – rewrite

So just a preview on my first try of rewriting I am looking forward for any kind of suggestions and criticism. So please feel free to do so.

Element of life – born in exile


Were to begin? I would tell you some things don’t really make sense in any line said or even in the words of a tale.My story begins long before I was even born.

The lives of many people were sacrificed to keep me from him. Keldrick Hinderstone, King of Gremeria. The ruler or king whatever you want to call him, he ruled in all the northern parts of Weilenderian. My mother was the daughter of the Southern coast tribe’s chief. Grandpa was like a ruler of some sort in this part of Weienderian. Just a normal poor one like the royals would say but a beautiful girl none the less. Not much of a Queen or Queen Material would you get out of her, my mother, she is a free spirit a wild flower not wanting to be picked and placed in a vase for all to see.

But Keldrick fancied my Mother; all the men did, come to think about it. She was a beauty like no one has ever seen. My Grandpa’s pride and joy like a trophy shown to all. Maybe I just got my father’s looks.

Anyway. So I was born through the amassment of a royal and poor blood and Keldrick didn’t know of my existence till I turned sixteen, when my power became one with me. The legend for told many years ago that a daughter will be born in royal blood lines, and would be  weak, but grow strong. I don’t really know why but I had to fight battles with all the kids in the tribe just to be noticed. That made me strong but I was never a weakling to begin with.

In a thousand years that have past, there was never a girl born until me. What a shame isn’t it but it is true, life gives you quit a ride and time to think, for being the only girl ready to rule and obtain my right to be royal ruler but I have never set foot in the castle or anywhere near it.

O before we get to a head of this story. Perhaps this would make things clearer:

Royalty blood extends to men only. To make it more clear. Women were born and raised in poor blood lines. Like only poor blood line men could make girl and boy babies. While royal blood line men could only make boy babies with the women of poor blood line. Men that got born through royal blood got the wonderful powers at the age of sixteen. That is what Grandpa told me through stories of hero’s in time.

I am the exception, the legend that many have heard in bed time stories. I am Cendricka Trange, how ironic that I got part of my father’s name. My mom was kind of a romantic, in a strange way.

The power source in me was unleased on the night of my ohm… accident. If I can call it that…

Well a girl has got needs, you know I liked the boy flirted and got him to give me something I wanted; that on my birthday. Would I do it again? Yes I would, but not with him, never again. What a disaster it turned out to be and from that moment on my life was turned upside down.

I have been in hiding since that day.

My mother was dragged back to the kingdom the very moment it was discovered I existed. The search for me started and I knew that time was all I needed to get away. My Grandpa was a wise old man that prepared me for the day I was to take over, but at a cost of social life. My healthy appetite for history and the wonderful world around us, made us closer.  I was smart ass and boys where scared by me. I was not much to look at till the age of thirteen. Like Chan said: What an ugly duckling. Well eat your words mister, the swan is landing.

But back to the history lesson of the legend that I am becoming  very soon. The girl that would be born out of royal blood line would be the new era of Weienderian. Meaning like Grandpa said, the end of the struggle. I didn’t know what that meant. What struggle will come to an end? Who was struggling?

He would laugh at my questions, answering just with “Cendricka, too many have fallen in hope of the legend and others just to keep you safe. I am not a fool like all do tell, but this I teach  you to use in all your wonderful power that one day when you shall be so strong and no one can take you down.”

Wisely I took advantage of the times we shared, every drop of information soaked in and thankful for every word…

His? last words were to me of a place I would be kept safe. But I need to get there, and I would need help of many to be kept safe till I am strong and practiced.

However I tried he made sure I got my physical strength maxed and I was not complaining. Even though I missed out on activities and stuff the other kids did, I got to spend precious time with grandpa Randol.

The Journey would be quite a way to go. From the far path south of Galome east of Thera is a well-known friar Benjamin. He could help me gain strength for Hendersoin. The place where all will be revealed. Don’t get me wrong, my grandpa did not really tell me all.

Information on how to survive and how to be smart, that was what he taught me the best. That is what I do the best. Okay, I am not the only child in this village that got battle training and strategy training. It’s like a pass to become one with the village and defend you and your loved ones. And conquer the enemy at any cost.


“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.”